Wajah Tum Ho destroys a Kishore Kumar classic!

After the last review we thought we had seen enough, but apparently not. The makers of the movie have released another track which happens to be a Kishore Kumar classic, ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass’ and they have ruined all the sweet memories we had!

The song starts with Sana Khan waiting for Mr Muscles while standing in a balcony. To our surprise she was fully clothed and just as we had a satisfying smile on our face, boom, we are hit with cleavage! While Mr. Muscles climbs up the fire escape (don’t know why he cannot use the lift) to hand her a bouquet of flowers, the passion and hot make out sessions are back. Many random scenes later, we are shocked to see Mr. Muscles walking up a plush green mountain carrying a truck tyre while his lady love poses in the breeze dressed in all white!

Luckily for everyone, this time around these two bunnies did get a room (and a bed). And to our surprise Gurmeet was the one kissing her abs! A few more hot expressions and very hot lips locks later the song comes to an end. We wonder how they managed to shoot for these songs in front of a thousand people. These two have given the term October heat a totally new meaning!

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