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GULLY BOY REVIEW: A film that deserves to be seen and felt!

Gully Boy


GULLY BOY REVIEW: A film that deserves to be seen and felt!

Gully Boy is one of the most fearless and ferocious films in recent times. After all, we do live in times where the political climate is tense, the nation is grappling with multiple issues, and unemployment is at an all time high in the last 45 years. Amidst all this, there comes a film that dares to question the current people in power, and also paints a wish-fulfillment fantasy that Everything is going to be alright.

However, there’s so much more to Gully Boy. There’s pain, there’s pathos, there’s hope and right at its heart, it has music and powerful lyrics. Divine and Dub Sharma, on whose inspirational lives the film is based, pump life into the narrative with their metaphorical words that deliver a straight punch to your gut.

Fueling these powerful lyrics and impacting music is the central performance by Ranveer Singh, who breaths life into the character of Murad, an ordinary man with extraordinary dreams and struggles. And singh is excellently restrained despite a material that demands and requires energy, enthusiasm and euphoria. But his Rap scenes will surely force you to clap, cheer and whistle. On the other hand is Alia Bhatt, equally ferocious and fiery and too possessive to ignore a woman hitting on her boyfriend. Together, they create spark and illicit magic.

As stated above, this Zoya Akhtar film is a lot beyond an ordinary man’s extraordinary dreams and struggles. This is a film that deserves to be seen and felt. The music has already become a rage and so may the film!

Rating- 4 Stars

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