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MOVIE REVIEW: Arshad Warsi makes Fraud Saiyaan a rib-tickling watch!

Fraud Saiyaan


MOVIE REVIEW: Arshad Warsi makes Fraud Saiyaan a rib-tickling watch!

The idea of conman-ship would never cease to amaze our filmmakers, it seems. Ranging all the way from the 1976 Hera Pheri to Bunty Aur Babli to Dolly Ki Doli, we have seen them all. So how do you create a conman that doesn’t intersect with the ones already portrayed? In this week’s release, Fraud Saiyaan, Arshad Warsi plays Bhola Prasad Tripathi, a man who cons women into marrying him and runs with their wealth and possessions. The narrative echoes the plot of the aforementioned Sonam Kapoor starrer, but with more mirth and madness. Here’s why the film works:-


As written above, it’s a film about deceit, and a man with as many 13 wives is a crackling idea on paper. Director Sourabh Shrivastava weaves some sharp dialogues and clever one-liners into the plot and seldom allows the movie to lose steam. Even though we have seen a similarly themed Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon, the protagonist there ended up marrying thrice owing to unfortunate circumstances; this man is unapologetic and unabashed about his subterfuges.


Because we have Arshad Warsi as the leading man, we can be assured the timing will be taken care of. And the actor proves again why he’s one of the most reliable performers we have in the business today. He’s perfectly complimented by Saurabh Shukla, another fantastically gifted actor, who’s as sharp in comedy as in drama. Together, they both set the film blazing with entertainment!

Editing and Music

A man with 13 wives trying to escape from his ever-increasing problems could be making for a 10-episode web series, but the makers have kept the film taut and only made a 110-minute feature. This is one rare example when a movie doesn’t overstay its welcome. Alas, the same cannot be said about the music. Barring Chamma Chamma, which is itself a remix, no track stays with you. Good thing the plot and the performances do!

Rating- 3.5 stars

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