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Movie Review: Hunter Killer – An action-packed visual extravaganza.

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Movie Review: Hunter Killer – An action-packed visual extravaganza.

After a string of action movies, Gerard Butler returns with yet another movie of the genre he is most comfortable with. The submarine thriller is packed with underwater action sequences and surprisingly this time Gerard Butler isn’t a part of any hand-to-hand combat scenes. So is it still worth watching, yes it is!

Here are 3 reasons why you should watch Hunter Killer-

1.Gerard Butler

This wasn’t the most anticipated Gerard Butler movie of the year, but the fans of the actor are not going to be disappointed. Gerard Butler plays the role of Joe Glass, a submarine captain, who is sent to investigate the sinking of another US submarine by the Russians. He finds himself in a middle of an international crisis when he is asked to rescue the Russian President. He plays the role with ease as we have already seen him in similar roles in his previous films like London has fallen, Olympus has fallen, White House down and Geostorm. His fans are in for a fun ride as he is quite impressive as Captain Joe Glass.


The movie is based on the novel ‘Firing Point’ by George Wallace and Don Keith, and Donovan Marsh directs the onscreen adaptation. The director does a good job in bringing the book to life. An American submarine is torpedoed by the Russian forces and Captain Joe Glass (Gerard Butler) is appointed to investigate the case. He embarks on an underwater adventure with his troops and finds himself in an international crisis when he learns about the Russian President being kidnapped by one of his own ministers. How he rescues the Russian President and also evades an international war forms the rest of the story.

3.Action sequences

Hunter Killer is packed with underwater action sequences. Although the VFX seems little sluggish and outdated as the movie was made a few years ago, the underwater battle and war scenes are a visual spectacle. The on-ground action is intense and the scenes where missiles and torpedoes are launched are visually engrossing. We would have loved to see Gerard Butler engage in some action scenes like in 300 and London has fallen, but here he is only confined to his submarine giving orders to his team.

Overall the film doesn’t let you down and makes up for an entertaining watch this weekend. We give Hunter Killer 3.5 stars out of 5.

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