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Here are the 5 reasons why Poison is a must-watch!



Here are the 5 reasons why Poison is a must-watch!

Content on web is currently more engaging, entertaining and audacious than at the movies. What makes it even bolder and braver is the lack of something as redundant as Censorship. Poison, that premiered on ZEE5 on April 19, is one of them. And here are the 5 reasons why it’s a must watch:-

1. The Plot

Revenge is a dish best served cold, someone has rightly said! The adage will find its way in this series as well and that too with doses of love, lust and bloodshed. Revenge dramas have always satiated the appetite of the audiences, particularly in the form of big screen spectacles. The theme has made its way into the world of web-show and that too sans any cruel censorship which is a cherry on the cake. Any revenge devoid of gore and grit isn’t engaging and exhilarating. Poison seems to tick both the boxes.

2. The Characters

The show also presents a palette of interesting and intriguing characters, all with different motives and intentions. Arbaaz Khan plays the antagonist, a drug mafia based in Goa who believes in eliciting fear in his nemesis. Freddy Daruwala essays the role of Asst. Commissioner of Police, who would go to any lengths to nab Khan. At the heart of the show is the central character, Tanuj Virwani, who comes to Goa and is consumed by the state’s haunting and contagious persona. Three diametrically different characters united by circumstances, Poison promises to reflect different psyches that could have a strong impact on the viewers’ consciousness. Given their past works, we are assured we’ll experience first-rate performances from them this time around as well. The wait just got more impatient!

3. The Chemistry

Any piece of art devoid of any chemistry can fall flat! Poison may not be that piece of art. Riya Sen, who always oozes and piquancy to her roles, shares a crackling chemistry with Daruwala. For all those who aren’t the buyers of action and violence, their romance could spice things for the viewers.

4. The Locations

Goa’s portrayal in Hindi films can be neatly divided into two parts, the first one is simple, sombre and scintillating, the one that we saw in Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa and Khamoshi-The Musical. The other is the dangerous, despicable and daring, portrayed in thrillers and dark comedies like Dum Maaro Dum and Go Goa Gone. Poison, as the moniker suggests, would fall into the latter category. Goa seems to be the go-to state for makers to essay the drug mafia, let’s hope we witness something about the place we have never seen before!

5. The Dialogues

Any film or web-series isn’t only powered by the plot and characters but also dialogues that only power and further fuel the narrative. Poison is a show that promises some marveling one-liners impressionable people would love to repeat in their daily lives. The trailer is laced with some hard-hitting and contagious dialouebaazi that could make it quite a memorable web-series. What lies beneath? Will we see more such power-packed lines? Let’s see!

For more updates, keep watching ZEE5!

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