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MOVIE REVIEW: Pataakha, a film that truly justifies its title


Written Review

MOVIE REVIEW: Pataakha, a film that truly justifies its title

After heightening the scale of his cinema and the volume of his imaginations with his last outing Rangoon, Vishal Bhardwaj is back to the rustic milieu with Pataakha, that powered his earlier directorial ventures. Here are three reasons why you should watch it:-

1.Story and Screenplay

The film is about two perpetually warring sisters- Chhutki and Badki, played by Sanya Malhotra and Radhika Madan respectively. Where the father (Vijay Raaz) is constantly infuriated and flummoxed at their endless bickering and bashing, a distant spectator and common friend Dipper (Sunil Grover) only adds fuel to the fire. As imaginative is the story, the screenplay is equally smooth and unfolds with ease. Given how fast-paced the narrative is, you may not find any loo breaks or yawn-inducing moments.


Because it’s Vishal Bhardwaj, the performances have to be pitched to perfection. Both Sanya and Radhika immerse into the characters and make us believe they are indeed from the rural area of the country. Their performances aren’t only restricted to their physicality and pancake makeup but seamlessly blends to the emotional psyche as well. Vijay Raaz, meanwhile, elicits quite a few laughs with his poker-faced humor and unpredictable miseries. And of course, Sunil Grover, who seems incapable of striking a false note, has one of the best-written characters in the film and he doesn’t miss a single opportunity to flirt and enjoy with it.

3.Editing and Music 

This is Bhardwaj’s shortest film since The Blue Umbrella in 2007. At a modest length of 136 minutes, Pataakha, as we said earlier, won’t test your patience. On the contrary, the film is woven with one terrific scene after another and they come at an immensely rapid pace. Quite a way to keep the people hooked! And because he understands music as fantastically as he understands direction, Vishal has some thunderous soundtracks this time too that only power the film instead of weighing it down.

All in all, Pataakha is one film that truly justifies its title. It’s a cracker of a film bursting with fiery performances. Good to see the director back in form!

We give it 3.5 Stars

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