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Movie Review: Jalebi – Not So Sweet!


Written Review

Movie Review: Jalebi – Not So Sweet!

The idea and the notion of love is unlikely to evaporate from the minds of the Bhatt Brothers. It all started with the 1990 musical blockbuster Aashiqui. We are in 2018 but it seems love stories aren’t going to leave us anytime soon. No problem at all if they are engaging. Vishesh Films’ latest presentation Jalebi, isn’t engaging.

Here’s why the film doesn’t really click:-

Story and Screenplay

The film, just like so many other Hindi films, follows the back-and-forth narrative and informs us that Ayesha (Rhea Chakraborty) and Dev (Varun Mitra) were in love and married, however, something tore them apart that could never unite them again. And since it’s a Bollywood film, we have to wait till the very end to know what exactly went wrong. The screenplay oscillates between the past and the present, and if luck favors the makers, may allure some people and keep them hooked. But those who are driven by impatience may take loon breaks, lots of them.

Editing and Music

The film is less than two hours long but thanks to the slow pace and copious weeping that you check your phone more than the actors’ expressions. Well, the good thing is that the Bhatt Brothers have seldom gone wrong with the music and that’s the only thing you’ll remember about the film.


Varun Mitra shows promise and looks natural. How we wish he had a better film to rely on. Rhea Chakraborty sheds more tears than any character in a Hindi film this year. But given the situations she’s surrounded by, the makers may justify the same. Alas, it’s still a one-note performance that required more anguish and finesse.

All in all, Jalebi is more sour than sweet! You won’t miss anything if you don’t buy a ticket.

We give 1.5/5 stars.

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