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Sridevi death case: Some SERIOUS questions arise!


Sridevi death case: Some SERIOUS questions arise!

The tragic passing of the Bollywood queen who ruled millions of hearts, Sridevi has shaken everyone in our office to the core. The timeless diva, who was said to have left us all after a cardiac arrest got to her, is now being said to have left for her heavenly abode after drowning in her bathtub and falling unconscious.

Now, there are certain questions that are being raised here by us, thanks to these tweets.

If you see, this does not look like the case (and the mystery around her death) hasn’t ended at all. The case, as per the tweet, has been transferred to the Public Prosecution Department, which could very well mean that further probing is taking place.

Now, apart from these tweets which raise a question all by themselves, we have some questions of our own too.

First, after finding his wife in a near unconscious state, why would Boney call a friend first over a doctor?

Second, the reports suggest that the legendary actress was under the influence of alcohol, due to which she lost balance in the bathtub and hence drowned.

Check out this tweet from Gulf news right here:

But, Mr. Amar Singh, an alleged family friend of Sridevi, has a different thing to say altogether

Check out this tweet right here:

Also, one must make note that if one fell, there must be bruises and marks on the body part which she fell on. That is something that must be looked into when the full autopsy report is out.

In addition, certain additional questions are being raised about the authenticity of the report that is making rounds.

We are talking about this one:

If you notice, the autopsy report has been signed by Preventive Medicine department and not the Forensic Department. Why is that?

As of now, this case seems vague and the death seems staged. The autopsy report says that the legend drowned. Tell me that you haven’t read or heard about those before when it came to cases in which an alleged murder took place.

What’s your take? Let us know!

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