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Is Salman Khan bringing in GAYS and LESBIANS to Bigg Boss 12?

Indian television has probably not seen a television show that is as controversial (and sometimes, even steamy) as that of the Salman Khan-hosted Bigg Boss, well, maybe with the exception of Pehredaar Piya Ki. That one REALLY gave us the creeps!

Speaking of which, we now hear that the 12th season of Salman Khan’s show might have contestants from the LGBTQ community. No, we are not saying that we don’t like the idea of it, but in fact, we think of it as a rather very noble thing to do. Why? Because should this piece of news be true, Colors will be doing a very brave thing and maybe would also give us an insight of sorts into the dynamics of a relationship between partners that belong to the same gender as it’s being said that real-life couples who are a part of that community will be a part of the 12th instalment of the show.

All this, and maybe the typical Bigg Boss-type entertainment on the side. Now, aren’t we game for that or WHAT?!

We personally believe that the community in question should be a part of the show, through which we hope that they get their long-overdue insight and empathy.

Also, one might even get to see the formation of the kind of bonds that we have been seeing in Bigg Boss thus far, which we believe will be as beautiful as what we have seen so far on the show.

However, we don’t have any confirmed information as yet. But, reportedly, drummer par excellence Naitik Nagda is already a confirmed contestant on the show.

What’s your take on this? Let us know!

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