RGV gets trolled on Twitter!

Its high time Twitter starts suspending accounts of celebrities who do nothing but tweet nonsense. Looks like after Shobhaa De, its Ram Gopal Varma who really wants to get shunned by Twitter!

Ramu who has become somewhat of a professional troll seems to have now made India’s Olympic athletes his target. In a series of tweets, Ramu criticized India’s sporting infrastructure and its Olympian athletes by comparing the number of medals we won to other countries.

RGV tweeted, “If for 1 silver we call ourselves incredible India what should U.S. call itself for 46 gold 37 silver and 49 bronze…just asking?”

Soon after RGV’s post, a social media user, Sri Vignesh posted, “For one good movie, you call yourself a director, what should Rajamouli, Shankar, Bala who gave incredible hits call themselves? Just asking.”

The user got it spot on and Ramu finally got a taste of his own medicine. Next time, we are sure the filmmaker will think twice before ranting anything on social media.

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