Is RGV following the sex-sells policy?

RGV’s Guns and Thighs explores all the facets of the underworld including uncensored nudity!

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Ram Gopal Varma is all set to release his upcoming web series titled Guns and Thighs. RGV has tried to do everything he couldn’t do on the silver screen, in this web series. Like most of RGV’s films, the web series is all about violence, politics, and sex.

Varma took to Twitter to launch the 7 min trailer of the web series. It revolves around the disturbing era of underworld dons like Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Rajan reigning over Mumbai. The dialogues used in the movie is extremely strong, depicting the filth in the underworld.

RGV has gone all out to use and abuse the freedom of the internet by showing a completely naked woman in bed with a police officer.

The filmmaker is extremely excited for this one as there is no censorship involved.

This has bothered CBFC’s chief Pahlaj Nihalani. The censor Lord commented on Guns and Thighs’ trailer saying “Making a series on the web comes with inbuilt responsibilities. Just because you have unlimited freedom on the internet, it doesn’t follow that you can show and say what you like. The Indian moviegoer has his own inbuilt censorship”

While we thought Sarkar 3 would be the end of Varma’s violent-political saga, the filmmaker is certainly not done yet. We agree that art should not have any boundaries and that the lines of ‘decency’ are always a blur but looks like RGV has taken his internet freedom way too seriously.

Check out the trailer below

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