5 reasons to watch Kangana Ranaut’s Simran

The fireball actress Kangana Ranaut is soon going to be back on the silver screens, and this time with Hansal Mehta’s directorial venture, Simran. The film revolves around a girl, who is, oddly enough, named Praful Patel since her father wanted a son. Kangana’s Praful seems to have had a very challenging past before the events of the film take place. Some of Praful’s “real character flaws” include an obsession with robbery and gambling, which Kangana is seen indulging into multiple times during the trailer. The story is about Praful’s journey to find redemption and happiness. Apart from witty dialogues and an interesting concept, and of course, the outspoken Kangana Ranaut, here are a few more things that make us look forward to the film this weekend.

1)      Progressive content: Apart from what we get to see of Kangana’s Praful in the trailer, there is also a mention that she has had a failed marriage. Typically, there is only so much that a female character is given to do in a Bollywood film if she has had a painful married life. Here, Kangana’s Praful shows a will to live and move on, and, for a change, although her on-screen father shows his concerns like any other father out there, he can be seen lending full support to his daughter. This talks about the kind of progressive society what we aspire. In this manner, the film also talks about moving on and catering to other important things in life.

Kangana Ranaut in Simran


2)      The fun quotient: Be it any film, the kind of comedy and mischief that Kangana brings to her character is very admirable. Her characters are unafraid to show that they, like everybody, are humans, who come with their own vulnerabilities. Be it any film, this added fun that Kangana repeatedly brings to any film makes the film worthwhile, and we can hope the case to be the same with Simran.

3)      Kangana’s mastery in the “slice of life” space: Since the time she has stepped foot in the “slice of life” genre, Industrywaalas and audiences alike are well aware of how she has really come a long way. Although she did not have a good take off with Katti Batti, it could be safely said that she has, in fact, reinvented the genre with films like Tanu Weds Manu 1 and 2, Revolver Rani and Queen. Simran is a film which somewhat belongs to the same league.

4) Breaking all stereotypes: One would always imagine the life of a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) to be a really western one. In fact, Director Hansal Mehta has a different opinion on it. He is of the opinion that Indian or any migrants take the value system of their homeland with them. Basically, if you move out of India and live in an Indian community, you won’t feel a difference. We are sure that Hansal Mehta must have captured glimpses of that in Simran.

5) Hansal’s portrayal of reality: Given the choice of films that Simran director Hansal Mehta has made in the past, such as Shahid, City Lights and Aligarh amongst others, one could safely say that Hansal has a knack of capturing reality at its best. We hope for this flair of keeping his films in a realistic setting has stayed intact with his upcoming weekend release.

All these are reasons enough to be excited for Hansal Mehta and Kangana Ranaut’s first collaboration together. The film is set to release on the 15th of September.

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