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When Kangana Ranaut almost DIED!


When Kangana Ranaut almost DIED!

We were at the trailer launch of Simran, which stars Kangana Ranaut in her quirkiest avatar yet. Whenever you are shooting, there are always funny tales and anecdotes that an actor takes home once the shoot is done with. But, Kangana Ranaut took home with her a very traumatic incident where she was staring right in the face of death.

We had heard that she quite recently injured herself while shooting for an intense action sequence for Manikarnika. But, this was something else altogether. This episode was as fearsome as it could have been.

It so happened that during Kangana’s stay in the United States, there was a time where she was driving through the 4-Lane highway and then suddenly, the driver who was along with the Manikarnika actress PASSED OUT right on the seat, that too when the car was speeding at 80 miles per hour (Which is approximately 130 km/h).

At this point, she almost considered texting her last goodbyes to her near and dear ones. But, THANK GOD that the car bumped into a sidewalk. Soon after the whole fiasco, the driver gained consciousness and both were rushed to the hospital and Kangana survived with a mild head injury (PHEW!)

When Kangana concluded the narration of this horrific incident, she said “If I had to put this in a script, that the driver can just pass out and wake up the moment we banged into the sidewalk and saying “What, what, where are we?” it would sound so surreal. It was funny but I took some time to recover from that trauma. If I had to tell anybody about this incident, they would say “Well, that’s hard to believe” but I have my witnesses”

Adding to this, Witness #1, Director Hansal Mehta added a few more details by saying “I’m proof. The car flew from the final lane to the first.. The car was clocking at 80 miles per hour”

After this, Kangana said “And I landed with a little bit of a head injury, but this is quite surreal for someone’s driver to pass out within the blink of an eye”

Well, thank god that Kangana is hail and hearty (and hasn’t received any notice from the aviation industry).

Check out the fresh and quirky Simran Trailer right here:

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