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Why Veere Di Wedding doesn’t deserve the criticism it’s getting?

Veere Di Wedding


Why Veere Di Wedding doesn’t deserve the criticism it’s getting?

Veere Di Wedding has been in the news ever since it was announced. It was refreshing to see that someone from the Hindi film industry, which is largely a male-dominated one, had the courage to green-lit a film that explores the aspirations, problems and froth of the opposite sex.

And today, as we are sitting in 2018, the film has emerged to be the third highest opener of the year, raking in 10.70 crores on Day 1. The co-producer, Ekta Kapoor, shared this news on her Twitter timeline and was expectedly ecstatic about the same:-

Coming to the film, the virtual world that resides beneath the real world was clearly divided when the promo dropped on social media. Some criticized the incessant cuss words that our ladies were spouting, some were quick to dissent the film as a CHICK FLICK. But the team were in no mood to see the film being labelled as a chick flick, they wanted the audiences to see something beyond, that girl can abuse too, in a fit of rage, they can talk about sex and orgasms too, just like most of the men out there, both pure and promiscuous.

In one scene in the film, one of the leading actors, Swara Bhasker, is shown with a vibrator in her hands. Some of us might discard the scene as wannabe or in-your-face, but to showcase this in the first place itself deserves praise, if not exactly applause. And as far as Kareena Kapoor Khan is concerned, her constant utterance of the F word shouldn’t really be a matter of concern, as there’s hardly anyone in today’s world, who doesn’t use that word in her or his daily life. There are many scenes in the film where our leading ladies indulge in adult talks, and that’s nothing but NORMAL! If boys can openly talk about sex, why can’t the girls?

The success of Veere Di Wedding may not change some people’s perceptions, they shall still continue to look at such films with disdain, but hopefully, it should leave the door ajar for more filmmakers to make films with female stars.

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