Sushant Singh Rajput goes to NASA!

An eminent Bollywood tabloid in their recent edition called the M.S Dhoni:The Untold Story star Sushant Singh Rajput  another name for success. And we can clearly see why!

The actor is known for going the extra mile when it comes to his preparations for his characters, ranging from living in railway employee quarters in Kharagpur for his character of  M.S Dhoni, the ticket collector while shooting for the cricketers biopic, to deserting away from near and dear ones for a timespan of 3 months for his transition from Sushant Singh Rajput to Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! The actor simply goes all in!

Now, after Shah Rukh Khan in Swades, Sushant has been given the task of playing an astronaut in his next feature presentation Chanda Mama Door Ke. The superstar has gracefully accepted the challenging role of a space traveler in the movie, even if the character demands moving to the United States for a month, training on a simulator, and maybe even locking up in a time capsule, if the situation calls for it! He leaves no stone unturned.

In an interview with Mid-Day, the actor said  “I am playing an astronaut in the film and I just finished training on a simulator this week. Sanjay has given me around 15 books and eight documentaries, including For All Mankind (1989) that documents National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Apollo mission, to understand the life of astronauts. Sanjay has contacts in NASA. I will spend almost a month with them to understand an astronaut’s body language and mindset. Sanjay has already given a uniform with a badge. I wear it almost every day. I can’t wait to work on the film.”

While talking about his over-preparation for his on-screen avatars, he added  “I don’t think there is anything like over-preparation. I do it for myself, and not to prove a point to anyone.”

Chanda Mama Door Ke is Sushant Singh Rajput’s next in collaboration with director/screenwriter Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan. Chauhan is known for his internationally acclaimed film Lahore and we just can’t wait to see what they do together!

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