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Richa Chadha To Feature In The House of Commons Book of Tribute to the late Nelson Mandela!

Richa Chadha


Richa Chadha To Feature In The House of Commons Book of Tribute to the late Nelson Mandela!

Actress Richa Chadha always has some surprises up to her sleeves. The versatile actresses has explored almost all realms of film making other than being an actor. She is also vocal about her thoughts and speaks her mind openly on issues close to her heart on various public platforms. Recently she was in UK to promote her recently released film Love Sonia that was released there this past weekend. She was also invited as a guest on a BAFTA Award winning news show of Victoria Derbyshire.

Now with the latest development Richa added one more feather to her hat by being the only Bollywood actor to have her hand written message featured in a unique booked called the, The House of Commons Book of Tribute to the late Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa and a world leader. It’s a book that has hand written messages by prominent people across the world. The book has more than 700 handwritten messages from some of the most prominent people in the world, including President Barack Obama, Kofi Annan, British Prime Ministers and hundreds of leading International Business and Community Leaders as well as sports, music and film stars. David Beckham, Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Richard Branson, Maya Angelou, Russell Crowe, Chris Rock, Kylie Minogue, Will Smith are amongst the host of stars who have written meaningful messages in the book. The book will soon be published and will be made available globally. The proceeds from sales in each country will go towards fighting Child Poverty in that country. The book is a major tool to help continue Mr Nelson Mandela’s mission to end child poverty and racial intolerance.

Nic Careem, the founder of the House of Commons book of Tribute to the former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela extended his gratitude towards Richa to write her message in the book in support of the cause.

Richa said about it, “I met Nic when I was in London recently. He has been working really hard to get together this amazingly conceptualised book which is the House of Commons book – an homage to one of the world’s biggest iconic figures, not just in the world of politics but as a human being, the Late Nelson Mandela. We all have heard and learnt a great deal about him and what he contributed during his time for human right issues across the world especially in the African continent. His struggle as a world renowned leader to fight for rights of downtrodden people of his race has made him a legendary inspiring figure. To be part of this book which is so thoughtful to have handwritten notes by everyone be contributed as an overall message for the youth today is truly exceptional. To embody his contribution and to have heartfelt messages by such accomplished people is a great way to know how and what people thought and continue to think of him even today. I’m happy to be part of this tribute the proceeds of which will be given towards a campaign to end poverty.”

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