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REVEALED: Richa Chadha’s Special Women’s Day Video With Grammy Winning Artists

Richa Chadha


REVEALED: Richa Chadha’s Special Women’s Day Video With Grammy Winning Artists

This 8th March, the day that celebrated International Women’s Day will have an impactful video featuring Indian actress Richa Chadha to create awareness for equality of women’s rights globally. Led by The Circle, which is a global NGO formed by women for women, with the idea to help raise awareness of the lack of equal women’s rights across walks of life. Established by Annie Lennox who heralded is a Scottish Grammy Award Winning singer in 2008, the NGO is putting together a video where acclaimed artists of the world, including Richa Chadha alongside international pop stars and Grammy award winners Mary J Blige, Dua Lipa and Ed Sheeran will be striving to create awareness for the cause of women’s rights. There are many more such artists like Hozier, Oscar-nominated actor Richard E Grant and Paloma Faith.

Each of these artists including Richa Chadha being the only Indian artist to feature in the video, will be showcasing statistics of the reality of lack of women’s representation and rights. The video is being created to stir awareness amongst people to know the reality, educate themselves on statics and numbers and come together in support to help the idea of a larger cause of women’s rights globally.

Speaking about it, Richa said, “I am so excited to be a part of this video. Last year a survey claimed that India is the worlds most unsafe place for women and I was really embarrassed. I was even more disturbed to read in another survey that 42% of women think that being beaten is ok. There needs to be a drastic shift in mindset if we are to progress in a genuine way as a country. To me it’s empty progress if you have giant skyscrapers but I cannot go home from my office in the same skyscraper using public transport at 9pm in the night without the fear of assault. And this is true for most parts of India. I am grateful that India finds representation in the video.”

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