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No obligations towards Neerja Bhanot’s family: Fox Star Studios


No obligations towards Neerja Bhanot’s family: Fox Star Studios

Statement from Fox Star Studios on the current disagreement between Blingg Unplugged and the Bhanot Family

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A few days ago we had reported that the family of Neerja Bhanot is upset with the makers of the film Neerja. According to reports, the makers had a word of sharing 10 percent of the net profit and after not receiving it the brave heart flight purser Neerja Bhanot’s family has moved the court in Chandigarh.

Now, the film’s producers, Fox Star Studious have issued a statement, clearing their side of the story.

The statement reads Fox Star Studios is extremely proud of its film Neerja and holds the Bhanot family in great esteem. However, the facts are that the Studios does not have any contractual obligations towards the Bhanot family as the life rights and permissions were obtained by Blingg Unplugged from the Late Neerja Bhanot’s family long before Fox Star Studios came onboard to produce the film. Fox Star Studios has been duly honouring its contractual obligations towards Blingg Unplugged. It’s unfortunate that Blingg and Bhanot family have not been able to resolve their disagreements. The life story of Neerja Bhanot inspired the nation and the movie created history, created memories that we deeply cherish, memories that will last forever. We hope for a quick resolution to the ongoing issue.

Starring Sonam Kapoor in the lead role, Neerja got a lot of appreciation from the critics and the audience. The movie film bagged the Best Feature Film in Hindi award at the 64th National Film Awards in April this year.

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