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A threatened Kapil Sharma is finally behaving himself

Kapil Sharma has made headlines this year for all the wrong reasons, ranging from making his guests wait for hours to cancelling certain shows. And, the ugly in-flight brawl between him and Sunil Grover had just nearly brought an end to The Kapil Sharma Show. With the crew falling apart one after the other, Kapil Sharma has been making every kind of change so that he can prove to be a changed man.

Sources say that he’s living on a grace period before his contract his terminated. His behaviour in the last months will decide the fate of the second season!

Sources say that Kapil Sharma’s recent stints with Ayushmann Khurrana and Parineeti Chopra and Raveena Tandon had progressed smoothly. Just like how a student receives an ultimatum from the teacher, seems like Kapil has received one from Sony “Behave yourself, or else….”

Given that we see the ace comedian attempting hard to get his act together, will we ever see a reunion of the whole team? Time shall tell.

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