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Parineeti Chopra as Gabbar and Madonna in Meri Pyaari Bindu!


Parineeti Chopra as Gabbar and Madonna in Meri Pyaari Bindu!

A loud round of applause goes to team Meri Pyaari Bindu for the innovative chapter-wise theatrical promotions that they are attempting. Ever since the first trailer, titled Chapter 1: Samosa aur Chutney has come in, there has been uncontrollable excitement in all of us as to what the other chapters have in store for us. Seems like the wait is over.

Although the other chapters are yet to be officially released, we know what the next 4 chapters have in store for us, and these come in straight from Yash Raj Studios!

Chapter 2: Gabbar Aur Sambha: This displays the bond that the two protagonists Abhi and Bindu have formed over time. We get a glimpse of Bindu as the chirpy shortcut loving girl, as opposed to the calm and patient Abhimanyu. He narrates “Agar woh Gabbar hai to main Sambha hoon, agar wo Munnabhai hai to main Circuit hoon, agar wo Guruji hai to main Bhola hoon.” . There couln’t have been a better way to sum up their forthcoming chemistry.

Chapter 3: Kalkatte Ki Madonna : Bindu, an aspiring singer, is seen worried by her name, Bindu Shankar Narayan. She feels that with a name like that, she will never rise to fame. She finds a motivator in young Abhimanyu who uplifts her spirit.

Chapter 4: Bindu Vs Maa: Here, Bindu is a Bindass girl who doen’t quite believe in the structured fashion of the society. She’s quite the free spirit who lives by her own rules and terms. Although noticeably appealing to Abhimanyu, it’s quite traumatizing for his mother . Here, she gives the quintessential advice to her son to stay away from the free spirit else he will get spoilt.

Chapter 5: Mixed Tapes This is a chronicle of the time spent by the two together over their 30 years of “friendship”, which has been knit together by 20 of their favourite songs. Here, Abhi yet again describes a part of Bindu’s personality, saying “Bindu harr kaam adhoora chhod deti hai.”, soon after which, he is seen running on the busy Kolkata streets(presumably in search of Bindu?)

Since we know now what’s coming, the only thing that’s probably left for us is Chapter 6: The film!

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