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Valentine’s Day: B-town partners who give us #CoupleGoals!

Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day: B-town partners who give us #CoupleGoals!

Bollywood is clearly in the mood of celebrating the season of love and it’s indeed adorable to see the lovebirds bask in their romance. We have a list of B-town couples who are the epitome of cuteness and they surely give us major #CoupleGolas this Valentine’s Day!

Their wedding was the talk of the town and indeed they cemented their relationship in the best possible way. Virat has often been seen blowing away kisses to his lady love during important matches from the field. Their relationship is the most adorable way in which love can be expressed!

One of the most quirky and down-to-earth at the same time kinda B-Town couples out there, Deepika and Ranveer, are somewhat the ideal version of every other duo who is deeply in love with each other. One can’t see if they get enough of each other and their PDA’s are very obvious at every known event. This is a couple who look like that will support their partner and always stand by each other.

Ranveer Singh

This lovely couple is the perfect example of young friendship which went to love and ultimately blossomed into a beautiful relationship. They are seen sharing adorable moments on red carpets on international shores and also their social media affectionate PDA is simply more than obvious. Ali recently gifted Richa her cat, given that she adores them a lot. Their love is an inspiration for the Gen Y of lovebirds.

A partnership that will stay strong through the thick and thins in life, indeed. This Jodi is an example of what one would consider everlasting love. Their dedication to one another is the most important factor which is the sign of a happy and blessed marriage. Shahid’s cute little gestures for Mira can make any girl go in their knees.

  • Sonam Kapoor & Anand Ahuja

This couple is the definition of a social-media kind of relationship. Distance has never kept them from expressing their love for each other and that is no hidden secret. Sonam’s delightful posts about (and sometimes for) Anand speak a lot about their love. They are internet’s favorite partners which the gen Y can easily resonate with hands down.

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