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Padmaavat: Was Sanjay Leela Bhansali being PARTIAL to Ranveer Singh?



Padmaavat: Was Sanjay Leela Bhansali being PARTIAL to Ranveer Singh?

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s most talked about film till date, Padmaavat is finally in theatres and we were just in awe of the stellar director’s vision and his idea of creating impactful scenes with a seemingly unassuming scenery and wide angle shots. Each and every scene in the flick looked like a well-choreographed dance which was executed with geometric precision. But, it seemed like its charisma-filled protagonist, Ranveer Singh, was somewhat enjoying that dance the most, both figuratively and literally.

But, when we came out after watching the film, we couldn’t shake off the thought that perhaps Singh was given preferential treatment by Bhansali, although we will be more than happy to be wrong about it.

What makes us think so? Let us give you a few reasons for that thought:

  1. More screen time

Although the story of Padmaavat should ideally revolve around all the three characters with equal screen time, moviegoers will observe that it was Ranveer’s Khilji who had the upper hand. In fact, the opening act gives you the idea that the flick is all going to be about Khilji’s desire to capture and preserve every “nayaab” thing known to man. But, another theory is that probably Padmaavat went through more “modifications” than what was officially quoted by the certification board.

2. Padmaavat: more about Khilji than the Rajputs?

Over the past year or so, we have seen Ranveer Singh sporting different densities (three, to be specific) of his beard that made headlines time and again. The reason quoted for the same was that Ranveer, as the shoot of Padmaavat was progressing, was shooting different portions of his character in reverse (from the older one to the younger) We beg a question: While you can show more aspects of Khilji’s character, why not of Shahid and Deepika?

3. More room to improvise.

In this epic drama, Ranveer as the dreadful Khilji will be seen displaying some really quirky antics, some epic comic timing, and, one will observe, that he was freer to emote and improvise as compared to his on-screen Rajput counterparts, who delivered a restrained performance at best. We don’t know for sure if that was the original plan or not, as perhaps there could have been more scenes which could have been dedicated to Shahid and Deepika’s character, but probably snipped away at the cutting room, given the kind of happenings that have happened with the makers.

4. A solo male lead song for ONLY Ranveer?

While through the classic Tattad-Tattad and the animalistic Malhari, Ranveer had enthralled us time and again and we were wondering as to how will Singh top his last solo item number. But then, came in Khali Bali, which is, by whosoever has seen the film till now, is hailing it as the BAAP of Malhari as Singh is yet again seen partying and shaking a leg like the over-energetic bunny that Singh is and the savage monster that he portraying Khilji to be. But, why was there NO celebratory songs for Shahid? Given, Deepika got us swooning over her with Ghoomar, but, has Maharawal Ratain Singh NEVER been in a celebratory mood?

5. Sanjay Leela Bhansali: A GODFATHER to Ranveer?

Now, this is something that personally interests (or rather, intrigued) us the most. Reportedly, all the controversy kicked off when Singh, while being questioned about his character during the initial days of the shoot, allegedly made a casual statement that his villainous character would go about two notches higher is he was given a dream sequence with Deepika’s Rani Padmini (probably a cue to the dream sequence riots by the Sena). Then, shortly after that, Singh himself admitted on record that he has been specifically asked to keep mum during the controversies, while Deepika and Shahid were left relatively loose to talk about all the happenings. So, this makes us think, was Bhansali and team being MORE PROTECTIVE of Singh than its other two characters? Or, did he ACTUALLY make that statement and was then asked to not open his mouth in public shortly after? Another theory is that the team asked him to stay tight-lipped to not promote glorification of a villain of any sort?

Guess we may or may never find out, we just thought of putting down our views and take on this topic in the most balanced way possible. But, we will leave it to you to decide as to what the real story could have been.

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