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10 Years of Singh Is Kinng: 10 scenes that made this an ENTERTAINER! 

Singh Is Kinng


10 Years of Singh Is Kinng: 10 scenes that made this an ENTERTAINER! 

Akshay Kumar’s Singh Is Kinng completes 10 years today. It opened to a thunderous response at the box-office. Two reasons for that- Akshay Kumar and his unmatched clout back then. It went on to become his biggest hit till Housefull broke the record in 2010.

But we won’t discuss the commerce of the film but 10 scenes that made it a roller-coaster entertainer. Have a look:-

1. Happy And The Hen 

The introductory scene of Kumar, a dim-witted & simpleton Sardar from Punjab, was both whistle-worthy and laugh-out-loud hilarious. His endless attempts to catch a hen caused mayhem and madness, but also madcap fun.

2. Happy Goes To Australia

Happy is packed off to Australia to get back another villager-turned-dreaded don, Lakhan Singh, played by Sonu Sood. But his poor friend Rangeela (the late Om Puri) is asked to accompany him. What follows next is HILARIOUS! The duo reaches Egypt instead and don’t ask how!

3. Happy & Sonia’s First Meeting

It’s not an ordinary meeting but complete with chaos. Sonia, played by Katrina Kaif, gets her purse stolen and our hero runs after the thief only the way a hero would only to find out the purse was… Empty! Who wouldn’t laugh?

4. Happy Meets A Rose Lady

Only in a nonsensical comedy directed by Anees Bazmee you can expect an over-the-top Punjabi mom as a rose seller in Australia. And who better than Kirron Kher to play the role? So when you have two Punjabis in the same frame, we are bound to have a BLAST!

5. Lucky Loses His Memory

We are usually served with melodramatic montages of a patient who loses his memory but again, this is an Anees Bazmee world with Akshay Kumar leading the pack. And this scene where Lucky loses his memory also has a hilarious take on Shah Rukh Khan by Manoj Pahwa. Laughter Unlimited!

6. Pankaj Udaas’ Sob Sagas

Pankaj Udaas, the character played by Yashpal Sharma, is a depressed soul that has an anecdote for everything possible. But ironically, he makes the audiences burst out with laughter instead of choking them with tears.

7. Poor Puneet 

Ranvir Shorey, who played Katrina’s fiancée Puneet, bullied the hell out of the servants, who were underworld dons by the way! But poor guy is scared to death when he comes to know their reality, and also loses Sonia to Happy in a bizarre yet funny climax.

8. Mika Can’t See Or Hear

Jaaved Jaaferi was the next best thing about Singh Is Kinng after Akshay Kumar. His pretense to be deaf and blind could have gone completely wrong if given to a weak actor, but Jaaferi made it immensely likable and endearing. Remember that yacht scene?

9. Happy Goes To Meet Lucky

Happy expects Lucky to return to his village but he angrily refuses. We expect an angry showdown but given that the film has to stick to its genre, it’s followed up by a comical scene where both Rangeela and Happy are kicked out of the house. LOL!

10. Sonia’s Mother Pretends To Be Rich

Kirron Kher and only Kirron Kher could have pulled off this buffoonery. She’s an ordinary rose seller who’s forced to pretend to be a millionaire for her daughter. What follows is a riot!

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