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Yami Gautam speaks up on nepotism!

Yami Gautam


Yami Gautam speaks up on nepotism!

EXCLUSIVE: Yami Gautam in conversation with Bollyworm

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Yami Gautam  has proven her mettle with the kind of roles that she has chosen for herself. In an exclusive interview with Bollyworm, the Kaabil actress speaks up about her upcoming Sarkar 3, the current controversies and a lot more!

Tell us about your character

I play this girl called Annu Karkare. She is out there to avenge the death of her father, who was killed by Subhash Nagre, the Sarkar himself. She wants it done by hook or by crook.

A crime thriller like Sarkar 3 is something very new for you. So what was your reaction when Ram Gopal Varma himself called you for the role?

I was definitely surprised. As excited I was, I was also quite intrigued. He told me that I will be playing this character with a negative element. He added people have never seen me in such a role, so it will be very exciting. He had faith in my abilities to pull off this character. It also helped me to bring out the versatile actor that is lying within.

How did you get into the skin of the character since it is something that you haven’t ever done before?

This was exactly my question to Ramu Sir. I asked him as to what should I do. Should I read some books? Watch some movies? Given that the kind of character that I had played in Kaabil, we had gone all out! So I was under the impression that I will have to put in almost the same amount of effort for this character. He said nothing! Here the most important thing was to get the look right. Ramu sir is very specific with his character, so he made me comfortable as I slipped into the character of Annu.

How was it like to play this character?

I loved it! You hear actors often say that they love to experiment with new characters. It is as important as it is fun, because nobody wants to see the same person do the same kind of roles again and again. Nobody likes monotony.

How is Ram Gopal Varma on the sets?

He doesn’t talk much. He has a very clear-cut approach to things. If he is confident about a particular shot, he will never go for a retake, no matter how much an actor insists.

How is it to work with Amitabh Bachchan?

Working with Amit Ji is a remarkable experience altogether. It’s an overwhelming experience when you have something substantial to add to this iconic film franchise. The Sarkar franchise has a tinge of nostalgia for me, cause I was in high school when the first film from the franchise came out. It was such a feeling of pride when I was working on this film. What really fascinated and left me spellbound was the way he connects with almost everybody.

How did it feel to be in this industry with no support system or a backbone to assist you through the way? Do you believe that nepotism exists?

I think everyone has a support system. And even if you are given the initial preference, be it in the movie industry or be it anywhere, ultimately you can only survive with good work.

What’s your view on the new kind of roles and cinema that actors of your generation are taking up?

I think it’s amazing! I myself started with a very unconventional kind of film (Vicky Donor), and given the kind of response it received, that clearly goes to show that India is becoming more accepting when it comes to the new kind of cinema.

Which biopic would you like to be a part of?

I think I would like to be a part of the Indira Gandhi or Madhubala biopic.

The character that you are playing in this particular movie is a very dark one. It will have a certain mind-set and an ideology. So did you have any kind of moral dissonance while playing the character?

I don’t connect to the character personally. However, it is important for the actor in me to do so. Else I won’t be able to justify it. I had never even seen a gun in my real life before Sarkar. When I learned that I had to fire it. I had the silliest question: Will it make a noise? (Laughs). I am still petrified. But I am not afraid of the noise anymore. But when I am petrified of a gun while playing a girl who is all about violence and vengeance, it means that I am not in the character. So I have to battle my fear while the shoot is on.

Does it make sense to ask movie stars such as yourself to have an opinion on everything that is happening around you?

It’s a good question. We, like anybody, are pretty much engulfed in our work. The only time we know something is when we read it in the newspaper or watch it on TV. We are generally not involved in such things. But the problem is that when we express our opinion to the media, it becomes our opinion and not the opinion of our source. Are we credible enough to have any kind of opinion on such sensitive topics?

Would you like to do any TV shows in the future if you’re offered?

Given the current big names in the industry, I don’t think I will walk into the TV Industry anytime soon.

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