A super-fun Q&A with the stars of Phillauri!

Yesterday we got to interact with the stunning star cast of Phillauri at the film’s press meet. Anushka Sharma along with her co-stars Diljit Dosanjh, Suraj Sharma and Mehreen Pirzada interacted with the media and answered a few questions about their upcoming film.

As casting plays a very crucial role in every film, did you face any difficulty?

Not really, I know Diljit, and I have seen him acting in previous hit movies also. Suraj had done a great job in Life of Pie and about Mehreen, we wanted someone like Anu so we chose her for the role! 

Anushka as we all know Diljit is a great singer and now even an actor what do you think which role is the best for him?

I would say both. He is really good at both the roles and this is why he is doing great onscreen

Diljit aapne already Udta Punjab mai Kareena aur Alia saath kaam kiya hai! Anushka ke saath kaisaa laga kaam karke? She is your co- star also a producer.

Bohot wadiya laga ji par meri itni hesiyat nai hai ki mai itne bade staro saath kaam karu! Anushka ke saath bhi bohot badiya laga kaam karke and producer toh laga hi nai ki woh hai kyunki cheques nai aaye haath mai (anushka – par ab toh aagaye na? Diljit laughs and say yes to her!)

Suraj ji pehley aapne sher ka samna kiya Life of Pie mai aur ab ghost se kisse aapko bohot dar laga?  

She did scare me during the shoot! (laughs) Anushkaji jaise ki aap bhoot bane ho film mai toh mera sawal ye hai ki Kya kabhi aap asli bhoot se takrayi hai? (With a wink!) Anushka (laughs) pehley toh ye bolungi ky I liked the way you asked me that question with that expression I will copy that for my next film! And I think Ghosts are very friendly like me so I am actually representing them (laughs)

Phillauri is set to release on the 25th of March and we cannot wait to watch it!

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