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EXCLUSIVE: A quick QnA with Dr. Zeus!

Dr. Zeus


EXCLUSIVE: A quick QnA with Dr. Zeus!

Dr. Zeus clearly needs no introduction in the Entertainment industry and to those who have ever heard any music. He is the man who has given us Woofer, Kangana and Nakhra Nawabi, amongst many other chat busters.

Speaking of which, we got the chance to virtually indulge in a quick Question And Answer session with him, who has just delivered a yet another party anthem in the form of Lado Rani.

Here it is for you all to enjoy!

1) A very clichéd question to start with, how did singing happen?

I used to skive school and chill in recording studios, I used to chill in a studio called Frantic Studio and from there I learned how to make music.

2) What is it about the Punjabi folklore that attracts viewers and fans the most?

I think Punjabis are just fun loving people, we have fun and I think that attracts a lot of people and everybody likes to have fun. Our songs are fun, even our romantic songs are just as romantic as Bollywood songs, so I think that’s it.

3) How did you come with the name Dr. Zeus, whose idea was it?

Zeus was a nickname in school and when I started programming and creating music I added doctor to impress my parents and also because I am a big fan of Dr. Dre. So that’s how the name Dr. Zeus was made. 

4) How different is it working on Hindi film songs and the Bollywood industry?

It’s not much different. If I work on a Bollywood song that is because they love my style of music. So I don’t have to change much it’s just changing according to the situation, just chop and change a little bit, extend music pieces or shorten them but that’s about it. I have only done Bollywood songs where my style of music is required.

5) Could we see you sing in Hindi more often, since your song Kangana is a huge rage here as well?

I don’t know. My forte is making music and I really feel if I start concentrating on singing, my love for making music would kind of suffer or my work would suffer since my concentration will be divided. So I would rather concentrate on things that I think I do really well which is making music and directing, composing and programming. Programming is really important and most of the people don’t do it themselves, they just direct. They have Five or Six programmers doing it for them which for me isn’t really making the song. But yeah if I do get a chance or where I get a chance to do a song for fun and sing it then yaa I’ll do it.  

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