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Madhurima: Diwali means good food, good clothes and family time!


Madhurima: Diwali means good food, good clothes and family time!

Childhood Diwali memories are something she wants to keep alive in her heart forever! Dieting can take a backseat now as for her, Diwali is incomplete without the delicious ‘mummy ke hath ka Rajma chawal.’ ‘Baby’ actress Madhurima Tuli had a walk down the memory lane, hand in hand with Bollyworm as she recollected beautiful childhood experiences of celebrating the festival of lights…


What does Diwali mean to you?

Diwali is very special to me as I have had the best time of my life celebrating this festival as a kid. To me, Diwali means good food, dressing up beautifully and getting to spend time with my family!

How did you celebrate Diwali as a child?

I remember dad was posted in Odisha, when he used to get cartons full of crackers from office. At least a 1000-1500 pieces! I used to stay up all night along with friends, to burst all the crackers! We used to get scolded at home for bursting crackers throughout the night and disturbing everyone in the locality, especially aged people and kids. But I just loved it!


How have things changed after stepping into Bollywood?

Ummm…things have not changed much, barring the fact that I don’t burst crackers now. Even if I do, I make sure they are not the ones with sound, keeping the problem of Mumbai’s sound pollution in my mind. Also, I was quite a tomboy till my teenage. But now that I am an actress, I have started dressing up in ethnic wear on festive occasions along with proper makeup, jewellery etc. (laughs). Diwali now has become more of spending time at home with my parents and brother and gorging ‘mummy ke hath ka Rajma chawal,’ which is just finger licking!


What’s happening on the work front?

I am getting a few offers but I’m not very convinced with them and hence I am taking time, waiting for the right one to come.

Any Diwali message for your fans?

Have a blast, enjoy yourselves, have lots of food but please try to burst less crackers, so that babies can sleep and animals are not scared or harmed.


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