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This director SLAMS Akshay Kumar’s Pad Man!

Padman Akshay Kumar


This director SLAMS Akshay Kumar’s Pad Man!

The release of a yet another Akshay Kumar-starrer social drama, Pad Man, is right around the corner and this R Balki directorial is being marketed as the first film to bring up the subject of menstrual hygiene via the medium of a film for educational purposes.

However, we know that’s not entirely true, as we had ourselves witnessed a yet another film earlier in 2017, which was Abhishek Saxena’s Phullu, which was also built on the same premises.

For those who are a little unaware, Saxena’s Phullu is also seemingly inspired by the life of the real-life Pad Man, Arunachalam Muruganatham, as it tells the story of a man, who, after understanding the concept of the menstrual hygiene and how its frowned upon in his remote village, begins to find ways of making low-cost sanitary pads of his own.

Speaking about the same, Saxena said, “CBFC told me that this “Menstruation” subject in itself is an “Adult” subject and they gave us an “A” certificate. They are being partial, because of the “A” certificate we faced so many losses,”

To this, he added that just like Akki, he wanted the film to reach the masses and even school children.

On top of that, he has accused the censor board to be partial to the superstar, whose film has received a U/A certificate.

Now, we kind of agree. How come two films which talk about the same “Adult” topic are be certified differently?

Given that we ourselves have seen Phullu in its special screening, we can say that there’s nothing adult about it at all, and we can comfortably say that there’s nothing different that Pad Man will touch upon that what Phullu already has.

What’s your take on this? Let us know!

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