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Superstar King Khan feels apologetic for the Actors who are “NOT” Graduates


Superstar King Khan feels apologetic for the Actors who are “NOT” Graduates

This brings to our attention that King Khan is one of the few actors who know the importance of education. Few among the rich and famous Bollywood stars think that their little ones don’t need to spend their hours studying as their ancestors have already built a kingdom of their own. But, King Khan being an exception totally opposes the kingdom idea.

Having the importance of education in today’s world, he feels sorry for the actors and states that, “In my home and family, there’s minimum qualification to be an actor. If you aren’t a graduate, I believe you can’t be an actor. I’m really sorry for all the actors who are not graduates. It’s not because I look down upon people who are not. But I am a graduate and I believe education has helped me beyond my limit.”

King Khan also revealed details about his teenage daughter saying, “My daughter is in 11th but she has to graduate. She loves acting – on stage, TV, films or street – and, she is quite a good actor, at least for her age. So, I would like to encourage her. But the encouragement will happen only post-graduation.”

It seems both his children are opposite to what they feel about acting onscreen. Looking at Aryan Khan, SRK had a different viewpoint, he says, ”He came the other day just to learn about lighting; not to see his father act, or learn about lightning in the first year. He sat with the cameraman without even asking me. He was there for two hours, just learning the techniques. He told me, ‘Papa, it was so nice.’ So he didn’t visit as a producer or as a he’s hero son or someone who wanted to learn acting. I feel, ‘Let him learn the craft and then see if he has the same love for acting as I do.”

As every parent has dreams planned for their little ones, the same goes for King Khan and this dream plans about taking Indian Cinema to an International level and for this he comments, “I think seeing a view of the world is nicer, especially for cinema. Why do European and South American talent reach the international stage before us? It’s because the access to that world is closer. Indians still don’t have it.” ”Slowly, these doors are opening. I hope Indian film-makers including my son and daughter, can take Indian cinema to international levels.”

Ouch, this conversation definitely shows SRK’s sourness towards the other “Non” Graduate actors!

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