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Shahid Kapoor supports Mira’s ‘Housewives’ comment


Shahid Kapoor supports Mira’s ‘Housewives’ comment

At a particular event on Women’s Day, Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Kapoor made some remarks on parenting and being a housewife. She expressed her happiness of staying home with her baby rather than going out and pursuing her dreams. Like we’d guess, this did not go down well with the working women in India who are not as privileged as Mira is.

When Shahid Kapoor was asked about the entire episode. He defended Mira by saying, “I think there are very few people who are showing any kind of appreciation towards these women. What a mother does for a child should be appreciated, they should be empowered and they should be self-assured that what they do is as important as any other job. I feel that though I might be the one who goes to work, between me and Mira as husband and wife, but I think what she’s doing for Misha is far more important and far more relevant. I wish I could do that but one of us has to go to work, I happen to be that person. So I think she was speaking from a very positive space, I do understand that everybody has a very strong point of view. But I think we are in a time where everybody is getting hurt about everything. We are also in a time when somebody important says something, a lot of people want to gain importance by saying something against them. We just live in those times. I personally find what she is saying is relevant. What she is saying that women should have that choice. Want to go to work, men should respect that. Want to stay at home and be a housewife, men should learn to respect housewives as well. Home runs when all factors are balanced out. I think she spoke very clearly that she has respect for people who chose to do either of these. ”

While Mira’s statement has offended many, we can safely say that she does have privileges that many working women do not have. We do not know Mira’s perspective on the matter but its great to see her husband, Shahid Kapoor being such a big support to her.

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