Salman Khan is upset with the makers of Bigg Boss 10!

OMG: Salman Khan is not happy with what the makers of Bigg Boss just did!

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Salman Khan is very attached to the reality TV show, Bigg Boss 10. Everyone who knows Salman closely, knows that he genuinely cares for all the contestants. But recently, the makers of the show did something that upset the superstar.

According to a leading daily, Salman had sent some home cooked food for the contestants inside the house. When Salman asked the contestants if they liked the food or not, all the housemates looked very confused. He then got to know that the food was not delivered to the contestant inside of the house. On hearing this, and the ‘Sultan’ was really upset.

Salman was already pissed with the makers for letting abusive contestants inside the house and their inability to protect the fellow contestants, and incident only fueled his fire.

Salman is famous for treating the cast and crew of shows he is working on, with homemade delicacies. After this incident, we wonder if Salman will continue with Bigg Boss for the next season?

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