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REVEALED: How Virushka kept their wedding TOP SECRET!

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli


REVEALED: How Virushka kept their wedding TOP SECRET!

We still can’t believe as to how Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma (who are famously and adorably known as Virushka), who are the most eminent celebrities in their respective fields, managed to keep their wedding, which is undoubtedly the BIGGEST one of the year, such a private and intimate affair.

Well, to execute a master plan like this one, you clearly need a handful of master planners, the role of which was played by Shaadi Squad, a boutique wedding company who has previously worked with Anushka’s production house, Clean Slate Films.

Talking about the intimate affair, and specifically, how they managed to keep it a big secret, the team members said,For us, client confidentiality is one of the topmost priorities. Right from the word go, we were aware that in this case, this was going to be a huge challenge given the profile of the couple. Apart from us, and both the families, of course, no one knew about the wedding. Before we initiated any conversations with any vendors, we put together an NDA drafted by our legal team to ensure that no one can speak about the event, before or after it takes place. Even though every vendor had signed this, no one was informed about who the client was. It was only sometime in October that we disclosed the name to Devika Narain, who did the décor for the wedding and that too only because we needed the personal attributes of the couple to be visible in the decor. The rest were only told about the couple at the venue in Tuscany. Internally, only the core team of 5 people was aware of this as each member had a role and responsibility in the wedding.”

While it’s already a herculean task to pull off a wedding in India, these masterminds delivered in Italy like a boss!

Wondering how? The team says, “Apart from Sabyasachi, who designed the couple’s clothes, and Anushka’s hair & makeup team, all other vendors were recruited by us. We knew that it would be a challenge to not disclose the client name to people we bring on board. It was a mix of research and gut instincts that we selected all vendors. We just requested them to trust us and met with each team personally to give them our assurance.”

Hmm, Smart Guys!

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