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Ranveer Singh injures his face in Switzerland


Ranveer Singh injures his face in Switzerland

What happens to Padmavati now that Ranveer Singh is injured?

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As we all know Ranveer Singh, who until last week, was seen enjoying his time in Switzerland while doing deadly stunts, has been now put on bed rest. Yes, as per a recent update from an eminent tabloid, the actor is said to have suffered an injury on his face.

Even though there’s no further revelation on how this horrifying incident happened, an insider from B-Town discloses how Ranveer was spotted visiting a clinic this Saturday to possibly undergo surgery was quite surprising.

Furthermore, an insider from the B-Town revealed to us that, “On Saturday evening, Ranveer had visited a clinic around 4 pm and left from there at 7 pm. He got a small injury on his face which he needed to cure ASAP as he has to resume shooting for his period drama Padmavati. The reason behind the injury is not known as yet, but of late he has been in Switzerland where we all saw him indulging in some daredevil adventure sports. We are guessing he must have injured himself there. However, he is fine now and there’s nothing to worry about. He will be keeping himself away from shutterbugs and the doctors too have advised him complete rest for the next few days.”

Gripping our attention, Ranveer Singh was spotted at Santacruz on the very same Saturday evening but now we know the reason why he was covering his face with that cool hoodie. Looks like his forehead is injured? Because only that part of his face was covered!

Hmm, let’s see who all pay a visit to meet Mr Singh. We do hope to see his alleged girlfriend Deepika making rounds if she is done with her delusions of having a baby with Diesel…

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