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Rahul Dholakia: Every director should work with SRK!


Rahul Dholakia: Every director should work with SRK!

Rahul Dholakia: Every director should work with SRK!

‘Raees’ is on its way to hit the big screen this Wednesday. It was seen that the director is pretty impressed by the actor’s skills in the movie. In an interview, director Rahul Dholakia was asked about the movie, working with SRK, and the differences between SRK and Nawaz Bhai and much more.

Further, he was asked whether working with Shah Rukh Khan was tougher or convincing him to act in the film, and he said: No, I think convincing him was very easy because he convinced himself, I mean I didn’t have to do much. He read the script and did the narration. At interval time he told me that he will be doing this film and which was very cool and very sweet of him to accept it at that point. Working with him was an incredible experience and I think every director should take a chance to work with him.

Director Rahul Dholakia also spoke at length about the eminent dialogues of the movie, like “Battery Nahin Bolneka” or “Baniya ke Dimaag miyanbhai Ki Daring” and how the dialogues were incorporated into the film, and whether SRK played a part in writing the script of the movie.

Questions around SRK’s and Mahira‘s highly appreciated on-screen chemistry were also framed, to which the director replied saying “I am not aware if Mahira is aware of the love she is getting but yes, I am sure fans must have conveyed it to her by now”

It seems that this director has been so engrossed in ‘Raees’ for the last 3 years that he hasn’t given any thought of to any other actor for his upcoming movies and is still not sure for about his plans for the next two years.

Hmm, SRK’s charm can truly make anyone go dreamy-eyed!

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