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Padmaavat: When Ranveer Singh had a MELTDOWN!



Padmaavat: When Ranveer Singh had a MELTDOWN!

One of the prime focal points of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus, Padmaavat, has been, of course, the SAVAGE and unhinged Alauddin Khilji that was portrayed by the fantabulous Ranveer Singh.

But, that stellar performance, which is being unquestionably lauded by the audience, critics and B-Townies alike, surely came to the man at a cost.

Well, we did hear that Ranveer had begun seeking psychiatric help to get out of the Khilji zone. But now, this latest and SHOCKING revelation by Singh himself surely puts somewhat of a stamp on that report.

While the man got chatty with a renowned film journalist, Anupama Chopra, he spoke about his experience of playing the dreadful Sultan by saying, “It was difficult. I had 21 days to prep in my cave… It was a lonely journey. Because of all the things that happened, I had to shoot for 12-14 hours a day for 30-40 days at a stretch and it was very difficult. Everybody needs a break. In that Khilji zone, I wasn’t meeting friends or family. At one point, I was almost having a meltdown. I had to call my mother and friends to help me get out of it.”

While many would have concerns that Khilji might end up stereotyping medieval Muslim rulers and the film might even be accused of glorifying villainous behavior, our man here has a rather neutral and interesting take on it.

Talking about what this could mean for the film and the Muslim rulers of the past, he said,   “These are Mr. Bhansali’s concerns, not my concerns. I was concerned with my character, but not in relation to others. The stereotyping did not really strike me when I was reading the script. I saw Khilji as evil and savage, but a brilliant man. An amazing strategist and statesman. I had to build the respect for this character. He was right from his point of view.”

Well, he sure was! For all that its worth, Khilji was not totally dark, but he was responsible for some crucial turning points in our history which shaped our country for the better!

What’s your take on this? Let us know!

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