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OMG! Lokesh Kumari Sharma wanted to get paid like a celeb on BB10!


OMG! Lokesh Kumari Sharma wanted to get paid like a celeb on BB10!

Lokesh Kumari Sharma, who has recently been evicted from the ‘Bigg Boss 10’ house has come up with some shocking revelations about the show! Lokesh, a student from Delhi had entered the house as a commoner contestant. As soon as the 25-year-old came out of the house, she opened up on the existing wage gap between celebrity contestants and commoners.

In an interview to an entertainment news website, Lokesh said, “The celebrities were given a signing amount, plus they are also being paid a fixed weekly remuneration. But the commoners are not being paid anything. Their pay scale will depend on the weeks they spend inside the house. But obviously, if a commoner manages to win the show, he/she will get the winning amount.” She has also alleged that commoners are paid peanuts as compared to celebs like Bani J and Rahul Dev. (These two are the highest paid celebs on the show and the makers have been rooting for them since the past few seasons! We wonder why and how she could even expect to get paid like them!)

However, the freshly evicted commoner contestant has herself offered an explanation behind the wage gap. Lokesh said, “The commoners are being paid way less than what the celebrities are getting. However, for a commoner to be on India’s biggest reality show and make their reputation is a huge deal in itself. So, it doesn’t really matter if we are paid less.” (And we are glad she understood that!)

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