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Maatr is of prime importance in current times, says Raveena Tandon


Maatr is of prime importance in current times, says Raveena Tandon

Raveena Tandon’s Maatr has been released but the CBFC has given it an ‘A’ certification. Maatr targets the problem of Rape and violence against women in India.

While talking about the film in a press conference yesterday, Raveena said, “We did make the film very realistically. But there are some things in the film which we also don’t condone and we tell people that this is fiction, but tomorrow it can become someone’s reality. So, we don’t condone taking the law into your own hands. That’s something no one should do”

Raveena believes that it’s high time we stand up as a nation as she said, “We are trying to send the message that now enough is enough. Now a correction has to happen. That’s what we have conveyed. As far as the censor board is considered, they have their own guidelines. They follow certain rules, which were made many years ago.”

She pointed out that the CBFC is outdated and needs to change with times as she continued, “So, that has to change now. They have to change according to the times we live in. Maybe 40 or 50 years ago it was a safer place to live in, but today times have changed. So, to show a bit of the reality is what the need of the hour is”

“Awareness is happening in our country, but to strengthen women rights and stricter laws and to implement those laws is the need of the hour, in rural areas in India, women are not even aware of their rights. That’s the saddest part,” the actress added.

Raveena exclaimed that the fear of authority is of prime importance during current times as she said, “The criminal needs to have that fear of committing a crime. What they feel is that they will be released easily. That’s what happened in Nirbhaya’s case in Delhi. It was not just rape. It was rape and murder. And he was let go away. The one who is suffering now is the family of Nirbhaya”

The movie is a reflection of the society that we are a part of, we hope the reflection comes as an eye opener to everyone who watches the film.

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