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KJo: I fell in love in my 20s and I loved that person till I was 31!


KJo: I fell in love in my 20s and I loved that person till I was 31!

Karan Johar was recently in an interview with a popular daily and he decided to go candid. He opened his heart out for the first time and spoke about his personal love stories.

“The first time I fell in love, I was in my 20s, and I loved someone right till I was 31. And then I felt that emotion died within me. I wasn’t feeling alive at all. But the second time I fell in love – this was another 7-8 year phase – I realized that while it is heart-breaking and the worst feeling in the world, it made me feel alive. I felt something had woken me up. You can take the power of that feeling and translate it to every other aspect of your life, including your work. You don’t have to get it back. The moment I felt it come to a close – I knew I wouldn’t even be able to handle the friendship at the time; it was that difficult – it got a little messy in my head, which is why I needed to talk to a stranger, like a therapist.”

On being asked if he has ever been in a relationship that was a two-way thing, Karan answered, “No.” But, KJo admitted that both times the other person knew about his feelings towards them. “Yeah, yeah. There was total honesty,” quoted the filmmaker.

But will Karan ever reveal their names? “I won’t tell. There is this constant conjecture about my sexuality but even I have my boundaries. And for various reasons. They could be deeply personal. Or they could be familial. My sense of liberation has definitely happened in the last decade. I am that much more open and liberated about large parts of my personal life, but there are some things that I will not share,” added Karan.

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