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Katrina’s driver takes on a selfie-hungry fan!


Katrina’s driver takes on a selfie-hungry fan!

Mumbai is a place where you are bound to bump into on Bollywood star or the other, but following them to their homes is strictly not advisable. One such fan of Katrina Kaif recently learned that the hard way.

Last Saturday, it so happened that Kaif was on her way back home from her appointment with a dermatologist when she was spotted by a fan. The fan followed her all the way to her apartment complex and refused to go away even though she had entered and the gates were shut. The ardent young man stood at the gates and screamed out Katrina’s name and pleaded for a selfie.

It wasn’t Katrina but her driver who came out of the gates, charging at the young lad. Before he could process the whole situation, the driver landed a hard slap on the young man’s face, which left him teary-eyed. The fan walked away from the spot, still reeling from the assault.

Katrina Kaif has always been friendly with her fans, but sadly her entourage has not been given the same lessons.

So readers keep in mind, next time you go all out for a selfie with a film star, this is what you might be in for.

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