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Here’s the International Action Schedule of Race 3!

Race 3


Here’s the International Action Schedule of Race 3!

As the Race franchise takes the action levels to an all-time high with the third installment, Race 3 goes international. The film is shot at various  locations in Thailand, Abu Dhabi as well as Mumbai.The recently released trailer of  Race 3 has been creating waves online with the power packed action sequences showcased in it. The film boasts of high octane stunts proving to be a visual delight for fans across all quarters.

Race 3 has Salman Khan doing some daredevil action stunts with rifles and guns. The actor will also perform a car chase sequence in the film which will  be exciting to watch.

Earlier this year, the cast and crew of Race 3 shot the high octane action schedule in Abu Dhabi that lasted for 55 days. It was Shot under the guidance of Om Struthers who is known to choreograph action stunts for Hollywood movies like Inception (2010), The Dark Knight (2008) and X-Men: First Class (2011).

The high octane chase sequence shot in Thailand forms the climax scene of the action thriller.  Choreographed by Anal Arau, the action sequences included kickboxing as well as hand to hand combat.

Race 3 team filmed scenes for the film not only at the Floating Market and Rose Garden in Bangkok but also in the jungles of Kanchanaburi province. Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez will be seen running through the dense shrubs as they are chased by the villains.

Taking the franchise forward, the team of Race 3 is opting for a 5 set camera to provide an enhanced experience to the audience. While the cast is trying all means to deliver their best, the crew too is putting their best foot forward by opting for better technology.

The power-packed trailer has created an uproar on the internet receiving 16.9 Million and 12.6 Million views on Salman Khan Films and TIPS’ Youtube pages respectively. The Facebook page of Salman Khan Films has witnessed over 6.5 Million views taking the total views to 36 Million views.

Marking the festive season of Eid 2018 as the date of release, Race 3 proves to be a complete festive bonanza, with action, family drama, suspense, romance and promise of blockbuster songs. It is truly one of the most awaited films!
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