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HERE’S Salony Luthra’s take on female harassment!

Salony Luthra


HERE’S Salony Luthra’s take on female harassment!

In a commendable turn of events, female professionals from all around the world, such as the talented Salony Luthra, are finally seen raising their voices against the prevalent mispractices against women and its effect on the female psyche through one medium or the other. However, with the rise of the #MeToo campaign, it is now when one has become more aware than ever about its pervasiveness.

In the midst of all this, Salony Luthra has chosen to express her concerns about the same with her recently Filmfare-nominated short film, Kajal. The short film in question is Paakhi Tyrewala’s directorial debut, which talks about the daily issues that are being faced by the women of today in a hard-hitting way.

So, it was only natural for us to ask a very crucial question which could potentially help us all: What is the root cause of all such horrendous cases that we hear about almost on a daily basis?

In response, Luthra had a very fitting answer to give. She answered our question by saying, “I think that there is an element of sensitivity and empathy that is lacking in some people. If only those people would understand as to what the people of the opposite gender goes through, everything will be fine. If they (men) just get down to respect women, their bodies and their emotions, you know. It really is all about sensitivity.”

Visual mediums such as films, TV shows or even commercials have been famous (and at times, infamous) for influencing the thinking pattern of any human being, and off late, that very same quality of cinema is being used to talk about subjects such as open defecation, superstitions, honour killings and so on. And sure, Bollywood is making attempts to talk about the sexual misconduct too, but, was Bollywood responsible for such behavior in the first place?

Although Miss Luthra did not comment on it directly, she is hopeful that it is going to be the medium of entertainment that can really bring about a change in the minds of men.

She says, “I personally feel that if I am an actor, I have to make the kind of film choices which are in line with the responsibilities that come along with being one. I think the visual medium such as social media or cinema can really pave the path for a better future. If we won’t take the responsibility in our hands, who will? Hence my drive is to pick up socially relevant films which can make a difference in many lives and maybe have a ripple effect of a big change. It really is all a matter of choices. Similarly, filmmakers at large also have that responsibility to show that side of the world too.”

Well, we couldn’t agree more with you, Miss Luthra!

Kajal, a Paakhi Tyrewala-helmed short film that has Salony Luthra as its central character, is currently being screened at various film festivals and I garnering a lot of love from across quarters.

Stick to this space for the latest in Bollywood!

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