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Here’s why Bollywood can’t do a movie like Baahubali 2



Here’s why Bollywood can’t do a movie like Baahubali 2

REVEALED: The REAL reason why Bollywood won’t make a movie like Baahubali 2 anytime soon!

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Bollywood has their eyes hanging down their sockets after witnessing the number of records that Baahubali 2 has broken in a short span of 3 weeks. The magnum opus, just about yesterday, crossed the 1500 crore mark. It is said that the film will be screened for another month from now. If that is true, we might just see the film setting a yet another milestone! You know what I’m talking about!

If at any point in time you have asked yourself “Why Bollywood, until now did not make a film like that?” Well, now we have an answer to that. Conventional wisdom says that if a kingdom isn’t flourishing as expected, the ones who are at the top are to be blamed.

Here’s what a trade expert had to say “I guess there should be more focus on the production value and scripts now. Till the date the biggest expense is a star’s fees, we will never go ahead of the business we are doing. Prabhas for Baahubali 2 has charged much lesser than what our stars charge for a film that does a lifetime collection of Rs. 80-90 crore. Money has to be spent on production values, not on stars.”

The trade expert also added “India is a nation of 1.3 billion people. You cannot make a film for an audience that starts in Bandra and ends in Andheri. While we need to make the smaller films, we also need to make this kind of cinema (Baahubali 2). We also need to look at the economy and for the sake of the industry, we should make universal cinema.

He also spoke about the way Bollywood doesn’t make a movie which caters to a universal audience. And we totally agree with him!

This should put some things into perspective!

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