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Flashback Friday: When Shah Rukh Khan SLAMMED himself!


Flashback Friday: When Shah Rukh Khan SLAMMED himself!

There are probably very few superstars such as Shah Rukh Khan who are very much self-aware about their own performances, and there are very less who are ready to take its responsibility. This statistic was much more skewed during the time of SRK made his debut with the film, Deewana.

So, on the occasion of #FlashbackFriday, we are once again going to turn to the old pages of the story of this self-made superstar as we have come across an interview where he can be seen slamming his own performance in his super hit debut film, Deewaana.

Certain excerpts from the interview reveal his appalling reaction to his own performance in the film, which you can find right here.

His self-bashing began by saying, “I’m glad the film has done so well. I feel happy for the producer, the director. A hit is good for the industry as well. But I don’t think I’ve contributed in any way to its success. My performance was awful – loud, vulgar and uncontrolled. I overacted terribly and I take full responsibility for it. But that’s what happens when you work without a graph. I didn’t even have the script with me.”

He credited all of the film’s success to its music. When asked whether the music direction was the one which made the film a success, he said, “Of course. I wish people could say that ‘the film’s music is good but Shah Rukh is better.’ But in ‘Deewana’ the music scored over everything. Due credit should go to the director Raj Kanwar, for his song picturisations. Rishi Bhai (Rishi Kapoor) also came up with a good performance as did Divya Bharti, Deven Verma and Amrish Puri. But if the film is remembered it will be because of Nadeem–Shravan. A lot of films have been running because of their music. I’d love to be in their shoes now – be as successful as an actor as they are music directors.”

Well, this goes to prove that Shah Rukh Khan was, is and hopefully will always be as clear-minded as we know of him to be.

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