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Did Salman Khan take a jab at today’s actresses?


Did Salman Khan take a jab at today’s actresses?

Salman Khan just launched the veteran actress Asha Parekh’s autobiography The Hit Girl, which has been written with film critic and filmmaker Khalid Mohammed. Salman Khan shared with all as to why he is in complete awe of them. He adored the fact these actresses never let unhealthy rivalry get in the way of their friendship and always remained the best of friends.

Here’s what he had to say: “Asha aunty, thank you very much, I don’t deserve to be here. I think it is the bravest thing for anyone to write their own biography. I for one, would never be able to do it. I know, you understand what I mean.”

He further added: “Asha aunty is very dear to us. Saira aunty, Sadhana aunty, Helen aunty my mother, they have all been so close, which today’s girls should understand that. It is something that you don’t see anymore. I think that it is the best quality that, that generation had. We have lost that quality. Maybe we become friends again, but they were never really not friends.”

He concluded his speech with “Do buy the book, you must buy it. Because this generation has lived the cleanest life possible, professionally and personally. So, it would be a book of values, principles, with its highs, lows and fun moments. It will only elevate you as a person.”

Such a sweet thing to say, we admit!

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