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CASTING COUCH ROW: Sri Reddy now names Nani



CASTING COUCH ROW: Sri Reddy now names Nani

Telugu actor Sri Reddy shocked everyone when she blasted some of the biggest names of the Telugu industry and accused them of sexual harassment and casting couch, including Pawan Kalyan, yes, that’s right! And the latest name that she has revealed is of the Eega star, Nani. She shared an article on Facebook page and wrote something that was nothing but eye-popping. Have a look right here:-

Now, Nani is out in the open and has denied all the allegations and discarded them as baseless. This is what he wrote on his Twitter account, have a look right here:-

He even went on to slam the media for their constant reporting about the issue and adding fuel to the fire. “And for those very few who still publish all that crap for a few clicks and views… have some shame. You all have families. The irony is that I even to say this. There won’t be a comment from me on this ever again,” he said.

It seems this massive controversy is unlikely to subsidize soon!

Stick to this space for the latest updates!

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