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Bigg Boss 11: When Akash Dadlani TEASED Arshi Khan!

One of the main attractions of the eleventh season of Bigg Boss has become the array of shenanigans that Akash Dadlani and Arshi Khan have been indulging into off late, but we guess it’s only human to (accidentally) cross the line in the name of fun.

You have been seeing quite a few of inside videos from the house, especially the one where Arshi was seen playing with the rappers’ shorts. Soon, we saw A-Cash ending up in a confession room and complaining that Khan has been harassing him. But, Arshi being Arshi, continued with what she wanted to do.

But now, we bring you a yet another behind-the-scenes moment that is surely going to surprise you, if not take you by shock.

Turns out, Puneesh, Arshi, Akash and Bandgi were simply chilling in the lawn area, where Arshi suddenly broke out into displaying her sexy moves, as usual. On top of that, Arshi once again attempted to pull Akash’s pants down and almost was taken aback when she assumed that he’s wearing NOTHING underneath, to which the musician replied that he is indeed covered from within.

But then, Akash, out of the blue went on to ask Arshi to take off her top and show a little more of her cleavage. Post that request, Akash couldn’t take his eyes off Arshi’s privates, to which she retaliated by telling him to move his eyeballs away.

Of course, this was ultimately taken in good spirit and although they are a bunch of hooligans locked up in a remote area of a holiday destination, they’re adults after all!

But, both should never attempt to cross the line as nobody, we repeat, NOBODY would want to rub off Salman Khan in the wrong way! Who wants to piss off Bollywood’s Tiger after all?

What’s your take on this behavior of the two? Let us know!

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