Akshay: I’ve been a gay icon in India for many years now

Akshay Kumar was the surprise package in Dishoom and was bold enough to play a gay character on screen. Even though the role was a cameo, the viewers were put in splits.

A popular daily asked Akshay, was it a big deal to play a gay character? Akshay said, “No. At the point, I didn’t! Now that my Bumfie (aka belfie) is well and truly out there. I’ve been hearing that I really might be a first among my generation to do such a role, and you know what, being proud of one’s decisions is what makes your choices infectious… Gay, straight, fat or thin, we are what we are and I was proud to play a gay character finally in my career. But the incredible response I’ve received from so many people is what makes this so amazing. All I can say is — thanks for the unconditional love.”

He was also asked whether he was afraid whether his image would get affected, to which he promptly replied, “Honestly, I wasn’t afraid even for a second. I was, however, hoping the world would embrace my character. As for my image, I’m fully aware I’ve been a gay icon in India for many years now. If I can be loved by the gay fraternity why shouldn’t I portray one in good faith for all their love and support over the years? I can only hope the gay community is as happy as I am to have done this. This really could have gone either way, but I’m so glad it’s been accepted by everyone, the world is finally changing for the better!”

Talking about the scene, he said, “Well, the day I walked onto the sets in Dubai slaying my kilt and man-bun, was the day John Abraham looked at me in a different light. After all, we’ve been through, he thought there were no surprises left. Both he and Varun showed me a lot of love, which I happily returned by sitting on their laps and pulling their leg the entire day. We share more than just good times, we even share our sushi. It kind of gutted me that my cameo was so short because I could have hung out with these beefcakes forever!” He also added, “I am very grateful for the appreciation. The look was inspired by Marc Jacobs, which Rohit and I couldn’t wait to piece together on screen. My stylist literally had a field day creating the outfits as it was a one-of-a-kind look and was sourced from London.”

Interesting Akki, we always knew he is one of the most sporting stars we have today.

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