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OMG: There are FIVE Rajnikanths in 2.0!

Robot 2.0 Akshay Kumar


OMG: There are FIVE Rajnikanths in 2.0!

You won’t believe what Rajnikanth’s 2.0 has in store for you!

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The excitement is on for Lyca Productions’ latest Magnum Opus Robot 2.0. Here, we will see our beloved Rajnikanth as the scientist and the villainously adorable Chitti the robot. Also, a very well known Easter Egg is that even Akshay Kumar will be a part of this historic film as a crazy scientist. And his look has been surely enough to give us Goosebumps!

But, when we were thinking with all the theories that we were cooking in our office space, we thought that we cracked Rajnikanth’s formula of delivering yet another super hit. Until our Khabri Keeda dropped into the scene.

As per KK, Rajnikanth will have a grand total of FIVE roles to play in 2.0! Out of which, two of the roles are Dwarfs! (Evil brothers of some kind, we assume). Needless to say, we were astounded. He’s Rajnikanth for a reason!

Also, when we were getting complacent of Akshay Kumar playing the evil looking larger than life villain, KK popped the bubble that he will have a staggering number of TWELVE looks in the film! We smell a bit of X-Men in the Robot 2.0 recipe.

We had EXCLUSIVELY reported earlier that Shah Rukh Khan and Emraan Hashmi were going to play Dwarfs in their respective next. Seems like after the biopic obsession, there’s something new that everybody in B-town wants to try.

We wonder, what is with Rajnikanth going the Marvel way? And what is with this Dwarf obsession in B-Town?

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