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CEO of Himesh Reshammiya’s Music Company commits Suicide!


CEO of Himesh Reshammiya’s Music Company commits Suicide!

The CEO of Himesh Reshammiya’s music company decided to end his life late Saturday evening. We heard this news and were left in a complete state of shock! Andy Singh took this tragic step at his home recently after a heated conversation with his mother.

He was living separately from his wife but hadn’t taken a divorce because of their 9 year old child. Singh lived together with his mother and current girlfriend. Both these ladies were present at the time Singh took this harsh step.

A leading daily reported that Andy Singh had a heated argument with his mother, who taunted him multiple times. Andy was drinking that evening with his girlfriend and went to his bedroom twice during the spat. According to the Police statements of his mother and girlfriend, Singh was contemplating suicide for a couple of days and also had a conversation with his girlfriend about it. He spoke to his girlfriend saying he had been thinking about ending his life as he was frustrated with his mother.

“We will take down the statements of people who Singh had met since he began to feel suicidal and his former wife and other relatives too,” said a cop.


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