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Ajay Devgn finally reacts on leaving The Kapil Sharma Show

Ajay Devgn


Ajay Devgn finally reacts on leaving The Kapil Sharma Show

Recently there were reports that Ajay Devgn was angry with comedian Kapil Sharma as he canceled the shoot with Baadshshao team without informing them. Reports were going around that Ajay Devgn was very angry and vowed to never go back on the show. But the actor has now given his reaction to the whole situation.

The Shivaay star said “Shows have been canceled quite a number of times. I really don’t know what happened exactly. But reports said that we left the sets in anger. We did not leave in anger. We left as he had not reached the sets till then. He is a friend,”

He further stated, “When I’ll talk to him next, well get to know what was wrong. Kapil must have had some problem. But I really don’t know. So, if there is anger or not, I can’t really answer your question.”

Ever since Kapil Sharma had a fight with Sunil Grover the comedian has been facing a lot of problem in his real and reel life. The TRP of the show has dropped drastically and this has caused a lot of tension for Kapil.

We just hope things get better for Kapil Sharma soon and he does not cancel any more shoots.

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